Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Nacra 17


Today we had  a lay-day at the Pattaya Thailand Regatta together with Thomas Groen, my helm during this event and the other teams, we enjoyed a perfect chill out day. At the end of the day the brand new Nacra 17 arrived on the beach after being launched for the first time on a spot nearby. It was an amazing sight, seeing it cruising alongside the beach flying one hull and being lifted by its foils on the back of a Thai sunset..

I am very very impressed by this high tech new 17!

Wat a nice boat..

More info tomorrow.



  1. Ok, specs on the rig vs an F16 ?

  2. The rig is held up by a Carbon mast, there is a new and improved rudder system, foiling daggerboards, the main sail is aprox 16 square mtrs, the boat is exactly 17 feet long, so not 17.6 feet and the hulls are build up out of epoxy.

    It wil for sure be a lot faster than an F16!!

    More info tomorrow!

    1. look like its 1/2 way between an F16 & f18

      Weight 130k ?

  3. Does anyone have a 2-piece mast yet?

    What is different on the rudder system?